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Littlefield Grid Open Meeting, October 2013

For those who couldn’t attend, here is a synopsis of the Grid Meeting, October 4, 2013.

The Hypergrid “4096 bug” has been fixed, which prevented people from hopping long distances in the hypergrid. Firestorm developers Tonya and Cinder did the work on regions provided by Littlefield Grid. Congrats to the developers for solving this problem.

Several people from Littlefield Grid attended the Opensim Community Conference in September. It was a great way to meet people and make contacts from other grids and find out what interesting things are going on around the Opensim world. The conference was very well organized. We are looking forward to next year.

New stores just opened in Littlefield: Kayla’s Designs, in the Victorian village, Littlefield NE – Gorean themed clothing for men and women; Nightfire, in the Adult Mall – adult furniture; Erotique, in the Adult Mall – erotic photos; and Anam Cara Designs, in Littlefield – women’s clothing (Stormm Firecaster).

You can now send group notices that will be delivered to everyone, even offline users, but only if you send the notice from WLFG radio station, located behind the photo store. Just walk into the station, and stand there while you send your notice.

Stonehaven Party Isle opened for Halloween effective October 1. Drop in for some spooky fun.

The Coney Island region is scheduled to open in November. It is a combination of New York’s Coney Island and New Jersey’s Wildwood boardwalk and beach. It has rides and little stores on the boardwalk, a tram car, a video game arcade, and an undersea scuba diving region.

Littlefield Grid continues to grow quickly, and we now have over 600 members in just 6 months and 154 regions.

Be sure to join us for the next Grid Meeting, November 1!

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Oktoberfest at Littlefield


This is Camryn Darkstone reporting from old Munich, in Littlefield, where residents are filling a beer hall, celebrating Oktoberfest!

Toy McBride created a great setting, with plenty of beer, German food, pretzels and outfits for everyone.


Music was provided by a German band… umm… no wait…


…by our regular DJ Walter, appropriately attired for the occasion.


As usual, residents got into the spirit of the occasion.


Thanks to Toy McBride for the idea and for a fabulous and fun sim, and to everyone for coming and making it a great evening! The sim will be open for a few days, so feel free to find Munich on the map and drop in for a beer.


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That Profile Guy – Interview with Ashton Nobilis….

I’ve not done one of these interviews in quite some time, but for a treat I have a special interview with one of LFgrid’s admin team, well calling him an admin seems too light of a term, in fact this person is the wheels that drives LFgrid everyday, without him the grid comes to a screaming end.  He, along with Walter Balazic work tirelessly every day to keep the grid running, he does this silently in the background so well that we never know what really is going on from to-day, which in turn is a good thing.

Today’s topic of this blog is Ashton Nobilis, or Ashy Pooh as I like to call him.  I discovered a lot about Ash as I did this interview that I didn’t know and a lot I already knew, and this just proved more to me what a wonderful caring person he is.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Thank you Ash for taking the time to do this interview so we can learn more about you.

This is a typical picture of the Ash we all know and love 🙂



Toy McBride: how long have you been in Virtual Worlds?

Ashton Nobilis: I’ve been in virtual worlds for quite a while. Back in the mid 1980s, I was fortunate to have an account at a local university where I had access to multiuser systems. Some of the students were running a text-based MUD (Multi User Dimension) and I became involved in that, so that’s almost 30 years.

Toy McBride: Wow that’s a long time, so you were 5 when you started in virtual worlds?
Ashton Nobilis: LOL… well, probably more like 14 or so

Toy McBride: I know you were in Secondlife for a time, what activities did you get up to on the grid? and what brought you into Secondlife?

Ashton Nobilis: Largely, I was interested in making things… scripting particularly. So, I would see these amazing things in world and then try to recreate them and make them better. Then, I started selling stuff. I also would go around and explore, of course, and met some amazingly brilliant people.
Ashton Nobilis: I had heard about the Second Life beta in 2003, but didn’t really give it much thought. I had been looking for engines for game development at that time, and SL kept coming up. Then I read a Wired magazine article about an avatar named Wylde Cunningham, who was a shared avatar created by a group home for people with extreme disabilities.
Ashton Nobilis: Once I saw the promise of virtual worlds technologies coming true within SL, I knew I had to be there, so I signed up in 2004. As an engineer, I feel that technology should always be used to make people’s’ lives better, and to give people the ability to walk, run, or do other things that we take for granted is an amazing thing.

Toy McBride: Do you still visit Secondlife? And what takes you back to Secondlife?

Ashton Nobilis: Certainly, although I bounce around there are a homeless bum largely. I am in SL at least a few times a week, and on Saturdays I help teach English as a Second Language. Again, it’s a case of using virtual worlds to help people and in the process I’ve met some wonderful folks

Toy McBride: That is indeed a very kind act Ash, you seem to be slightly removed from what would be considered the normal SL user.

Toy McBride: How do you think SL has changed from your first years there?

Ashton Nobilis: *laughs* Sure, most folks just want to go and shop or whatever, but that’s the beauty of virtual worlds… you can do and be whatever you want

Ashton Nobilis: Ahh, SL has changed quite dramatically from the “good old days”. Not just from a technological standpoint with added features such as mesh, but really from a people perspective too. It seemed that before Linden Lab went after raw population numbers in late 2007, it wasn’t uncommon to meet people in world that were scientists, researchers, and other academics. Some of those people are still there of course, but they’re nearly lost in a sea of users that have a “game” mindset… folks that are just there for shopping and whatnot.

Toy McBride: Very true Ash, so this begs the question why did you move to Opensim based grids?

Ashton Nobilis: I’ve always been the type to take apart all my toys and see what makes them tick. I have been involved in programming and development for years, and of course I started dissecting the SL client shortly after joining. I thought to myself then, “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to write your own client, or to run your own simulator?”
Then, in 2007 Cory Ondrejka pushed to open source the viewer code. For those that don’t know, Cory is the brilliant mind who cobbled SL together. Even before the code was open sourced, projects started springing up trying to find a way to talk to communicate with the SL servers, or to emulate their behavior. I’ve worked with server emulators before for MMORPGs, so it really appealed to me. Plus, the degree of freedom you get from running your own simulator is miles beyond what Linden could offer someone.

Toy McBride: So Opensim gave you more freedom to experiment with code, did you immediately go to OSgrid or did you try your own grid?

Ashton Nobilis: Initially, I did my own standalone regions. I was using them to debug items before bringing them in SL, although early builds of OpenSimulator were pretty rough. Not much later, it was discovered that these regions could be joined together with a hack. That’s what spawned OSgrid, and I joined it a short time later.

Toy McBride: Fabulous 🙂 Now I remember my first encounter with you on OSgrid, I recall reading your profile whilst you were visiting Littlefield Mall and I decided then to walk in the other direction lol which is kind of funny considering our relationship today. How exactly did you end up becoming apart of Littlefield in OSgrid and now LFgrid?

Ashton Nobilis: *laughs* Absolutely, and that still is a joke today! Well, I knew about Littlefield of course, and when I made Ashton in OSgrid, I was amazed at how much stuff was there and the quality of the builds. Also, I was impressed that although Littlefield was technically a BDSM community, in the main public areas it was not “in your face”. If you know what a triskele is, then you would recognize it for what was, but it was also a place here vanillas could come and shop and dance, without feeling like they were being forced into something. Of course, not forcing people into things is a basic tenant of SSC BDSM.

Ashton Nobilis: One day, I saw Walter post on the OSgrid forums, announcing the Littlefield Homes region. I went there to see the houses and saw Walter there. I IMed him to tell him how much I appreciated his and everyone else’s efforts… and that led to a two-hour conversation! It was as if two brothers that had been once separated were reunited, and the rest, they say, is history.

Toy McBride: LOL yes I remember him telling me about meeting this great guy, and I said “what you don’t mean that profile guy” which as you said is still today a running joke. And I have learned to not judge a person by their profiles anymore 🙂

Ashton Nobilis: LOL

Toy McBride: So this now leads to LFgrid, I know this was a mamouth task that was set for you to create a grid for us to move to, what was your reaction when discussing this with Walter? Did you really believe it doable? And does it surprise you, like me, the success we are experiencing right now on our grid?

Ashton Nobilis: Even before I had started administrating the Littlefield regions in OSgrid, I knew that there had been an LFgrid. After resolving some issues on our OSgrid regions, Walter approached me with the idea of redoing LFgrid. Certainly, I was honored with Walter’s degree of confidence and trust in me, and I enjoy a challenge, so I was very excited about the whole deal.

Ashton Nobilis: I knew it was doable as others have done it, but I also knew it was no trivial task. Of course, some ignorant people think that running a grid is as simple as double clicking an executable, which while technically true shows an immense lack of understanding of what is going on. Running a standalone with a few regions is quite a different thing entirely than running something of the scale of LFgrid, not even to mention OSgrid.

Ashton Nobilis: I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the level of success on some level, but the cocky bastard inside of me knew it would happen the whole time. 🙂

Toy McBride: LOL ah very Ash of you 🙂
Toy McBride: But hey you did the hard yards and you should be a cocky bastard 🙂
Ashton Nobilis: 😀

Toy McBride: What do you find enjoyable about having your own grid? And what have been some of the highlights on LFgrid so far? For me I personally love having the security of our grid, I know it will always be here.

Ashton Nobilis: It’s hard to believe, but I am a bit of a control freak. Shocking, I know. So the degree of having absolute and complete control over the systems involved is appealing to me. Plus, I enjoy creating an environment where so many people are out doing things – building, making , creating, and socializing. When someone comes to me and says, “I love it here”, that means so much to me.

Toy McBride: What you Ash a control freak never *grins
Ashton Nobilis: LOL

Ashton Nobilis: As for highlights, there have been several. Opening day was definitely one, to see a grid come to life months before my original estimate that I had made to Walter was amazing. And really, every day is a highlight knowing that we have a stable home for all of us. I love to see new people come into LFgrid, and particularly enjoy seeing communities forming.

Toy McBride: Now what are the challenges of running your own grid? Because I know sometimes life is not always rosy running a grid.

Ashton Nobilis: There are many, many challenges. Every day there is something that needs attention, and I fully knew and expected that because of my experience setting up other grids. What we do here is important to me, and my first priority is to ensure the safety and stability of the grid systems. Also, it can be difficult being inworld as 98% of the time that I am inworld, I am working or testing something. Of course I’ll get IMs inworld ranging from a friendly “hello” to “HELP!”. I’m the type of guy who won’t ignore IMs so it can make administration a bit more difficult.

Toy McBride: Very understandable Ash, with all this going on when you come in world do you still get to just hang out and have fun? I know we’ve missed you being around hanging out with us.

Ashton Nobilis: Oh sure, I do get inworld occasionally to just hang out. I don’t have much time for building or scripting, which I do miss, and my RL has been very busy as well which of course eats into my inworld “fun” time. I do manage to pop in for the Speakeasy dances, but oftentimes even then I am fielding issues from residents.

Toy McBride: Well we hope in time you get to spend more time just hanging and less work Ash.
Ashton Nobilis: Absolutely, and I think as the grid matures that is a real possibility 🙂

 Toy McBride: One final question Ash, how do you see LFgrid in 2 years time?

Ashton Nobilis: Honestly, I see us as being on of the top grids in the open metaverse with a large base of residents, with the best content, and lots of activities. We’re already the fastest growing grid in the open metaverse (to my knowledge), and I expect we will continue to surprise everyone. This is an off the cuff estimate, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us with 5000 residents and concurrency of 200+ people at any given time. I’m very excited to see what the future holds

Toy McBride: Thank you so much Ash for taking the time out to give us more of an insight about you. And thank you for creating this world in which we live in.

Ashton Nobilis: Thank you Toy, it’s always a pleasure talking about my favorite subject… ME! LOL

Toy McBride: Indeed Ash LOL

Ashton Nobilis: It is both a wonderful challenge and an honor to help make all this possible. 🙂



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OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013 – Part 2

On September 7-8, 2013 several Littlefield Grid members attended the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference.

This groundbreaking event took place on a special OpenSimulator grid that was created specifically for the purpose. It was the first attempt to bring together members of many OpenSimulator grids at one time for a conference. It was interesting to hear innovative uses of the OpenSimulator platform for city planning, for teaching English to children in China, and for training for soldiers in the U.S. Army.

The conference organizers did a fabulous job creating the venue and the schedule. Even with over 200 avatars present at one time, there was very little lag and technical glitches were few. The sessions were interesting, and proved a valuable opportunity to meet new friends, network with other grids and see what they are up to.

  • 359 unique accounts attended the in-world conference (out of 419 accounts created/registered).
  • 165 of those accounts were HyperGrid users, coming from 45 different Opensimulator grids.
  • 638 live streams were accessed by unique users on the six conference channels on Saturday, 526 live streams were accessed on Sunday, and 2291 archived video recordings of conference presentations have already been viewed.

If you missed this excellent event, don’t worry–it’s not too late!

Every conference session was recorded, and you can listen to the streams at the OSCC website at your convenience.

The Expo, where sponsoring grids created exhibits showcasing their grids, will remain open to the public through September 30, and you may visit it any time. How to get there via Hypergrid from Littlefield Grid:

  1. Open the World Map in your viewer.
  2. In the search box, type:
  3. When the map reports “Region Found!”, click Teleport.

You will land on Expo Zone 1. The Littlefield Grid exhibit is on Expo Zone 7. Enjoy your explorations!

Here are a couple more photos from the event:

Camryn and Dirk at OSCC13

Camryn and Dirk at OSCC13 in our spiffy Littlefield shirts

Walter and Ash greeting visitors at the Littlefield Grid exhibit

Walter and Ash greeting visitors at the Littlefield Grid exhibit

Doug Maxwell uses Opensimulator to develop training programs for the U.S. Army.

Doug Maxwell uses Opensimulator to develop training programs for the U.S. Army.

Pathfinder Lester gave an inspiring presentation. Here you see the humorous results of early Hypergrid efforts. Now that's togetherness!

Pathfinder Lester gave an inspiring presentation. Here you see the humorous results of early Hypergrid efforts. Now that’s togetherness!

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Partnering System now available at Littlefield Grid

Yes I know… “everyone has partnering….”.  Well, given the community nature of Littlefield Grid and how important it is for us to do things that are more of a value add (or in the words of Walt Disney – “how do we plus this..”), we’ve decided to make our Partnering System a little more involved for the users.

First you have to make a request for partnering.   After your request, LFGrid Administration will contact the person you wish to partner “with” to get approval.   After approval, both parties will receive a signed “Partnership Certificate” with the date of their partnering, and their names to keep in world with them.  We thought this would add a little more realism and “fun” to the idea of partnering.  We also have a bit of a penalty if you choose to “unpartner” at some point.  We at Littlefield Grid feel that people don’t really take the whole partnering thing that seriously, and we hope maybe a delay in “un-partnering” and a fee involved might cause people to think long and hard about partnering in the first place, or maybe even cause them to reconsider un-partnering during a heated argument.

The partner system is available to all Littlefield Grid residents (you must be a member of the Grid community for partnering).  We hope all of our residents enjoy the new system, and we’ve already had a few people partner which we love to see… 🙂


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Latex Dolls Visit Littlefield

On Sunday, June 16, the Sisterhood of Latex Dolls visited Littlefield for an official Doll Walk.

Doll Walk 1

Organized by M30 (Dolma Dollinger) and M12 (Tonya Souther), the Sisters visited several regions including Littlefield, Littlefield Adult and Littlefield Hangout, meeting local residents and exploring the area.

Almost every rank of the Sisterhood was represented, in their latex uniforms customized for Littlefield Grid.

Littlefield admins Ashton Nobilis, Dirk Mathers and Camryn Darkstone extended an official welcome. We hope to see more of the Sisterhood!

Doll Walk 2

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Littlefield’s State of the Grid – June 2013

The regular State of the Grid meeting was held on Friday, June 7. Here are the highlights:

Walter Balazic at June Grid Meeting

We now have 339 active members, after just two months.

Grand opening of the Littlefield Garden Center. Come to the region Littlefield GC for everything you need to landscape your property. Mesh trees for every season, furniture, plants, flowers, grass, butterflies, fish for your pond, fountains, even dirt!

New stores: Vortex Meshes, with mesh creations by Christina Vortex, and Rose Boutique, with clothing designs by Suskatu Crosley, who had a business in SL for many years. Rose Boutique is the first store in the new French Provincial Village shopping area. More stores are available.

On June 16, Latexdolls, a large fetish group from SL will be holding a Dollwalk in Littlefield. Dolma Dollinger and Tonya Souther are leading the visit.

Beach Party for 4th of July! On Stonehaven Party Isle, which will magically appear especially for the occasion.

If you have a holiday to celebrate that we might not know about, please bring it to our attention and we will help you celebrate.

At the request of Hiro Protagonist, we have re-opened a reduced version of the four main Littlefield Sims in OSgrid that essentially lack the adult and/or fetish content. That content has been moved to LFGrid.

We are a sponsor for the Opensimulator Community Conference, Sept. 7-8. Camryn and Ash will be running a booth. We are hoping this will be an opportunity to let people know what is going on in our grid. If you want to attend, you will need a ticket. Tickets are free but only a very limited number are available and will be offered first come first served on June 17.

The Littlefield Times-Picayune will be back starting in July. There is a newspaper office in Littlefield where you can contribute articles. Contributions are invited from any member.  In addition, any announcements you would like to make please drop the information there for the new Littlefield Grid G+ Calendar for the residents.

We have a new URL for the music stream: WLFG, our radio station, which runs 24/7 for our residents. We will be accepting advertising for the music stream. Make up your announcement and give to Walter.

We now have a YouTube page! Our first video, a tour of the new Garden Center, is up at

Known issues on the grid: The links section of the main website is not being presented to users not using an English language web browser. Ash is working on it. Landmarks were hanging around that had outdated LMs in them. They should be all replaced by now.

Ash reports we now have 109 regions – 7.2 million sq m of land! If there are any issues with a bad asset, blank texture, clothing that is incorrect, some imports from OSgrid it might have had an issue during transfer. Please speak to Ash about it. We are testing a new version of OpenSim at Speakeasy tomorrow night.

Walter adds that the quickest way to get hold of us about a problem is to open a ticket at

We welcomed new grid members attending the meeting for the first time: maralyn Demar, Elric DarkStorm, Wolfman Ferraris, Bubbles Journey and Christina Vortex.

Watch for an announcement of our July State of the Grid meeting. All residents are welcome to attend!

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State of the Grid, May 2013

Residents of Littlefield Grid gathered at Littlefield Bowl on Friday for the first “State of the Grid” meeting. Walter Balazic brought everyone up to date at the first of what will be a monthly community meeting. Here are some highlights:

GridMeetingIn less than a month, we already have 208 registered members and 86 regions. Ashton Nobilis reported that the grid servers are running smoothly on Robust, and at this point we have way more capacity than we are using. Ash is implementing a redesign of our website home page to make it easier to use. He also announced that we have persistent baking, to prevent people from being a cloud after teleporting.

The admin team consists of Walter Balazic, Ashton Nobilis, Dirk Mathers, Toy McBride, Adelle Fitzgerald and Camryn Darkstone, any of whom will be happy to help with any issues. We also have a new ticket system for reporting problems.

New stores in Littlefield Mall include Dirty Girl (women’s clothes) and Black Swan (fantasy) by Amy Storm, Furry Wearhouse (furry avatars) by Axelroo Gummi and Just For Men (men’s accessories) by Walter Balazic in addition to the popular stores continuing from our former incarnation. LadyJo Martin is opening a club with theme park rides. Amy is planning a Bed & Breakfast Hotel experience. Douce Amande has opened Alcatraz, a prison role-play sim. Trex Blessed is joining us as well.

Toy McBride manages community activities. We have a multitude of community options both inworld and through social media. Inworld groups everyone might enjoy include Littlefield Grid Members, Speakeasy Dance Club, Littlefield Society for the Arts, Opencollar OS, and Opensim Builders Alliance. There are two great hangout locations: the redwood grove at Littlefield Hangout, and Littlefield Engineering on the Littlefield Tech sim. We also have a newspaper: Littlefield Times Picayne. There is a dropbox in the Littlefield Times office in Littlefield Mall where you can submit articles. There is a new vintage movie at the Drive-In on Smithville every Friday night, and a dance party with live DJ every Saturday night, 8:00 p.m. Pacific time at Speakeasy, our dance club.

Our social media presence includes our blog at, Twitter @LittlefieldGrid, Facebook page and a Google+ community. There is also a web forum available at which requires a separate registration but is a convenient community tool.

Firestorm has an active presence in Littlefield Grid. Cinder Biscuits is busily working to enhance the Opensim features of the viewer and invites everyone interested to join the inworld group Firestorm Testing OS as she needs test subjects. Multi-attach works on all regions hosted by Littlefield.

Walter briefly discussed best practices for licensing the textures and other materials purchased on SL for import to our grid. Everyone is urged to send a copy of their licenses to Camryn Darkstone, who is keeping a file of them.

Watch for an announcement of our June State of the Grid meeting. All residents are welcome to attend!

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Welcome to Littlefield Grid….

On the 6th April 2013 we officially launched LFgrid with a dance at Speakeasy Dance Club. We had a wonderful turnout for our first event on our grid. 

A great deal of hard work has gone into creating our new grid, a fabulous community effort by all, but the stand outs in getting it up and running are:

Walter Balazic – the man with the vision to create our own grid and home.

Dirk Mathers – our go-to guy for our wonderful scripts; without him we would just have objects.

Ashton Nobilis – he has all the back end talent to bring our world alive. He keeps our grid running smoothly everyday.

Ada Wong – she creates the wonderful things we wear and created all the start up avatars for our new members.

Adelle Fitzgerald – another fab scriptor who created our wonderful lighting system for our club, and created our IRC for us. Plus she made us girls grid goddesses LOL.

Camryn Darkstone who worked so hard in the last couple of weeks to create some wonderful builds that are the icing on the cake for our grid.  Well done to these 4 hard working people.

So we have been up and running for a week now, and I must say the grid is running very smoothly, hardly any hiccups, and we are gaining new people signing up daily to our grid. To sign up for an account click here

It’s very exciting to see new people logging into our grid. We have had a lot of visitors through our new Hypergrid Train Station stopping by to take a wander around the grid.

LFgrid Hypergrid Train Station – Penn Station (created by Camryn Darkstone)


When you sign up for an account for LFgrid we have some starter avatars created by Ada Wong, so no more of the boring old Ruth.  3 female & 3 male avatars.

starter avi's

When you log in for the first time you will arrive at Littlefield Welcome Region – here you will find information and landmarks for our grid.  If you are a first time virtual world user, you will find the door to our Newcomers Region will tp you to the starter area where some guides will make your first time inworld experience that little bit more enjoyable.

welcome area_001

Camryn also created a new Hangout Region, this is my favourite region, it’s a forest setting with seating for people to hangout and chat.



Littlefield is much the same as it was on the other virtual world. We have our Littlefield Mall with many stores of wonderful free content, Littlefield Homes with our special house rezzers, Littlefield Adult for all your adult needs plus much more.

We hope you will stop by and explore our grid and discover for yourself the wonderful community we have created.

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Littlefield Welcomes Firestorm to OSgrid!!

Littlefield is proud to announce that Firestorm now has a home on OSgrid.  Jessica Lyons and her team have made the announcement on their page, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to the grid.  Read more here:

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