Littlefield Grid is a community for adults located on an Opensim-based 3D virtual world.

Our community is based on people helping people to have a safe, fun and rewarding life in the virtual world. We hope this community will bring together like minded individuals who will be able to create, interact, and have fun with very limited cost.

Littlefield Grid is run by residents, not by a corporation. We have done our best to keep the overhead at a minimum, just covering the expenses to maintain the servers, so people can spend more time enjoying their home rather than being concerned about how they are going to pay for it.

Littlefield Grid exists in the virtual world. It is a privately owned grid, accessible to the public. It is similar to Second Life–it runs on a similar platform–but it is not Second Life, and cannot be accessed from Second Life. Third-party viewers used for Second Life, such as Firestorm and Singularity, may also be used to access Littlefield Grid with a free account and avatar.

Littlefield has no economy; there is no money. You don’t need it. Apart from land, everything is free–clothes, houses, avatar accessories, landscaping, building supplies, uploads and more. Land rental is ridiculously cheap by SL standards; you can rent your own full 20,000-prim region for just $20/month. We own the servers, and our regions are online 24/7. Our regions are run from a professional data center, not from someone’s private PC.

As of this writing, Littlefield hosts 236 full regions, including residential, shopping, community, and entertainment areas serving over 1800 members.

Littlefield is RLV-enabled. Relays, Opencollar-based collars and restraints are freely available. Stonehaven, one of the most respected BDSM sims from Second Life, is now part of Littlefield, along with facilities for latex dolls, pony play, prison RP and more.

We are a friendly community, welcoming adults who want to share in the life here. Come join us in Littlefield and see what it’s like!


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