Partnering System now available at Littlefield Grid

08 Jul

Yes I know… “everyone has partnering….”.  Well, given the community nature of Littlefield Grid and how important it is for us to do things that are more of a value add (or in the words of Walt Disney – “how do we plus this..”), we’ve decided to make our Partnering System a little more involved for the users.

First you have to make a request for partnering.   After your request, LFGrid Administration will contact the person you wish to partner “with” to get approval.   After approval, both parties will receive a signed “Partnership Certificate” with the date of their partnering, and their names to keep in world with them.  We thought this would add a little more realism and “fun” to the idea of partnering.  We also have a bit of a penalty if you choose to “unpartner” at some point.  We at Littlefield Grid feel that people don’t really take the whole partnering thing that seriously, and we hope maybe a delay in “un-partnering” and a fee involved might cause people to think long and hard about partnering in the first place, or maybe even cause them to reconsider un-partnering during a heated argument.

The partner system is available to all Littlefield Grid residents (you must be a member of the Grid community for partnering).  We hope all of our residents enjoy the new system, and we’ve already had a few people partner which we love to see… 🙂


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Posted by on July 8, 2013 in News


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