Littlefield’s State of the Grid – June 2013

07 Jun

The regular State of the Grid meeting was held on Friday, June 7. Here are the highlights:

Walter Balazic at June Grid Meeting

We now have 339 active members, after just two months.

Grand opening of the Littlefield Garden Center. Come to the region Littlefield GC for everything you need to landscape your property. Mesh trees for every season, furniture, plants, flowers, grass, butterflies, fish for your pond, fountains, even dirt!

New stores: Vortex Meshes, with mesh creations by Christina Vortex, and Rose Boutique, with clothing designs by Suskatu Crosley, who had a business in SL for many years. Rose Boutique is the first store in the new French Provincial Village shopping area. More stores are available.

On June 16, Latexdolls, a large fetish group from SL will be holding a Dollwalk in Littlefield. Dolma Dollinger and Tonya Souther are leading the visit.

Beach Party for 4th of July! On Stonehaven Party Isle, which will magically appear especially for the occasion.

If you have a holiday to celebrate that we might not know about, please bring it to our attention and we will help you celebrate.

At the request of Hiro Protagonist, we have re-opened a reduced version of the four main Littlefield Sims in OSgrid that essentially lack the adult and/or fetish content. That content has been moved to LFGrid.

We are a sponsor for the Opensimulator Community Conference, Sept. 7-8. Camryn and Ash will be running a booth. We are hoping this will be an opportunity to let people know what is going on in our grid. If you want to attend, you will need a ticket. Tickets are free but only a very limited number are available and will be offered first come first served on June 17.

The Littlefield Times-Picayune will be back starting in July. There is a newspaper office in Littlefield where you can contribute articles. Contributions are invited from any member.  In addition, any announcements you would like to make please drop the information there for the new Littlefield Grid G+ Calendar for the residents.

We have a new URL for the music stream: WLFG, our radio station, which runs 24/7 for our residents. We will be accepting advertising for the music stream. Make up your announcement and give to Walter.

We now have a YouTube page! Our first video, a tour of the new Garden Center, is up at

Known issues on the grid: The links section of the main website is not being presented to users not using an English language web browser. Ash is working on it. Landmarks were hanging around that had outdated LMs in them. They should be all replaced by now.

Ash reports we now have 109 regions – 7.2 million sq m of land! If there are any issues with a bad asset, blank texture, clothing that is incorrect, some imports from OSgrid it might have had an issue during transfer. Please speak to Ash about it. We are testing a new version of OpenSim at Speakeasy tomorrow night.

Walter adds that the quickest way to get hold of us about a problem is to open a ticket at

We welcomed new grid members attending the meeting for the first time: maralyn Demar, Elric DarkStorm, Wolfman Ferraris, Bubbles Journey and Christina Vortex.

Watch for an announcement of our July State of the Grid meeting. All residents are welcome to attend!

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