State of the Grid, May 2013

04 May

Residents of Littlefield Grid gathered at Littlefield Bowl on Friday for the first “State of the Grid” meeting. Walter Balazic brought everyone up to date at the first of what will be a monthly community meeting. Here are some highlights:

GridMeetingIn less than a month, we already have 208 registered members and 86 regions. Ashton Nobilis reported that the grid servers are running smoothly on Robust, and at this point we have way more capacity than we are using. Ash is implementing a redesign of our website home page to make it easier to use. He also announced that we have persistent baking, to prevent people from being a cloud after teleporting.

The admin team consists of Walter Balazic, Ashton Nobilis, Dirk Mathers, Toy McBride, Adelle Fitzgerald and Camryn Darkstone, any of whom will be happy to help with any issues. We also have a new ticket system for reporting problems.

New stores in Littlefield Mall include Dirty Girl (women’s clothes) and Black Swan (fantasy) by Amy Storm, Furry Wearhouse (furry avatars) by Axelroo Gummi and Just For Men (men’s accessories) by Walter Balazic in addition to the popular stores continuing from our former incarnation. LadyJo Martin is opening a club with theme park rides. Amy is planning a Bed & Breakfast Hotel experience. Douce Amande has opened Alcatraz, a prison role-play sim. Trex Blessed is joining us as well.

Toy McBride manages community activities. We have a multitude of community options both inworld and through social media. Inworld groups everyone might enjoy include Littlefield Grid Members, Speakeasy Dance Club, Littlefield Society for the Arts, Opencollar OS, and Opensim Builders Alliance. There are two great hangout locations: the redwood grove at Littlefield Hangout, and Littlefield Engineering on the Littlefield Tech sim. We also have a newspaper: Littlefield Times Picayne. There is a dropbox in the Littlefield Times office in Littlefield Mall where you can submit articles. There is a new vintage movie at the Drive-In on Smithville every Friday night, and a dance party with live DJ every Saturday night, 8:00 p.m. Pacific time at Speakeasy, our dance club.

Our social media presence includes our blog at, Twitter @LittlefieldGrid, Facebook page and a Google+ community. There is also a web forum available at which requires a separate registration but is a convenient community tool.

Firestorm has an active presence in Littlefield Grid. Cinder Biscuits is busily working to enhance the Opensim features of the viewer and invites everyone interested to join the inworld group Firestorm Testing OS as she needs test subjects. Multi-attach works on all regions hosted by Littlefield.

Walter briefly discussed best practices for licensing the textures and other materials purchased on SL for import to our grid. Everyone is urged to send a copy of their licenses to Camryn Darkstone, who is keeping a file of them.

Watch for an announcement of our June State of the Grid meeting. All residents are welcome to attend!

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