Welcome to Littlefield Grid….

15 Apr

On the 6th April 2013 we officially launched LFgrid with a dance at Speakeasy Dance Club. We had a wonderful turnout for our first event on our grid. 

A great deal of hard work has gone into creating our new grid, a fabulous community effort by all, but the stand outs in getting it up and running are:

Walter Balazic – the man with the vision to create our own grid and home.

Dirk Mathers – our go-to guy for our wonderful scripts; without him we would just have objects.

Ashton Nobilis – he has all the back end talent to bring our world alive. He keeps our grid running smoothly everyday.

Ada Wong – she creates the wonderful things we wear and created all the start up avatars for our new members.

Adelle Fitzgerald – another fab scriptor who created our wonderful lighting system for our club, and created our IRC for us. Plus she made us girls grid goddesses LOL.

Camryn Darkstone who worked so hard in the last couple of weeks to create some wonderful builds that are the icing on the cake for our grid.  Well done to these 4 hard working people.

So we have been up and running for a week now, and I must say the grid is running very smoothly, hardly any hiccups, and we are gaining new people signing up daily to our grid. To sign up for an account click here

It’s very exciting to see new people logging into our grid. We have had a lot of visitors through our new Hypergrid Train Station stopping by to take a wander around the grid.

LFgrid Hypergrid Train Station – Penn Station (created by Camryn Darkstone)


When you sign up for an account for LFgrid we have some starter avatars created by Ada Wong, so no more of the boring old Ruth.  3 female & 3 male avatars.

starter avi's

When you log in for the first time you will arrive at Littlefield Welcome Region – here you will find information and landmarks for our grid.  If you are a first time virtual world user, you will find the door to our Newcomers Region will tp you to the starter area where some guides will make your first time inworld experience that little bit more enjoyable.

welcome area_001

Camryn also created a new Hangout Region, this is my favourite region, it’s a forest setting with seating for people to hangout and chat.



Littlefield is much the same as it was on the other virtual world. We have our Littlefield Mall with many stores of wonderful free content, Littlefield Homes with our special house rezzers, Littlefield Adult for all your adult needs plus much more.

We hope you will stop by and explore our grid and discover for yourself the wonderful community we have created.

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