State of Littlefield Regions and Opensimulator Version Freeze

22 Dec

Friends and Residents of Littlefield’s Regions on OSgrid.  As you all know, our primary goals at Littlefield are to have the very BEST possible experience for our user community as well as a balance between stability and performance.  As you all have probably been reminded time and time again, the Opensimulator software which OSgrid and all alternate grids are based is what is considered “Alpha” software.  In the real world that means the product is in a phase that is on it’s way to Beta (step 2/testing) and finally Production (stable/production).  This isn’t the case with Opensimulator software however, as it is in a permanent state of “Alpha” and has no plans to ever become Beta and/or Production (not to my knowledge anyway as I’ve made the query “when will it be Beta/Prod” on several occasions).  That being said, software revisions can vary from an improvement in service to an absolute disaster in which alot of functionality is compromised at the sake of fixing something that may be unrelated to the problem that arises by fixing something.  This was the case with the infusion of Hypergrid into the core services of the grid and the Opensimulator software for example.  Another example is the recent “fix” of sit positions to center sit positioning on prims for SL compatibility.  This was not a “disaster” and was needed for continued functionality, but it caused a major issue for our content creators as they had to reposition thousands of sit targeted and MLP items.

A majority of the Littlefield regions currently run on this release:

OSgrid 0.7.3 (Dev) ff36a1b: 2011-11-14
git hash : ff36a1bc7bcd1d0fe5aecb4c5358dbb072c7ff6e

with the exception of those who have requested to remain on the 0.7.2 release in order to not repair all the sits on their objects.  Since then, there have been 4 updates to the Opensimulator software, the most recent being one released on 12/17/2011.  We have tested each release thoroughly on our busiest and most complex regions.  Each release has bugs in it that make it unproductive for us to upgrade our regions and they have gotten progressively worse as the newer releases come out.  It is likely that these issues will be corrected in the future, but at the moment, it’s unacceptable, and causes the regions to be “less stable” than the 11/14 release.  The most recent releases have broken the groups module causing crashes, and the physics framerate (lag) has become almost unbearable in many cases which is causing extreme lag, cloudy avatars, etc…  Therefore, until further notice, Littlefield will be having a moratorium on upgrades on our regions.  If you are a region owner, and specifically “request” an upgrade, we will do so for you, but as they stand at the moment, it is not recommended.  As always, we will continue to monitor the software updates and run a test region to experiment to see what the stability and performance is.  We will notify everyone of any possible upgrades and what the results of our testing are.  We would like to thank all of you for your patience, and for being so understanding about the systems.  We would also like to thank the Opensimulator developers for all the hard work they put into maintaining and “cleaning up” the Opensimulator code.  It’s a thankless job for them, and they deserve alot of credit for all their hard work.  That also goes for the OSgrid admin team as they also do this on a volunteer basis and do their best to maintain the environment.  That being said incidentally, please feel free if you have the means to make a donation to the OSgrid team in order to help support their workeffort as well as the hardware and network we all rely on.  A 5.00 a month donation goes a long way.. 🙂

We at Littlefield value each and every member of our group, our renters, our content creators, our friends and visitors, and we consider you all to be family to us.  We hope that you all have an absolutely wonderful Holiday Season and the Happiest of New Years.  Littlefield will be holding 3 parties for the holiday.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at 9pm PST on the Stonehaven Party Isle region.  And New Years Eve join us for the ball drop at 10pm PST.  It should be alot of fun and we hope to see you all there.

Thank you all most sincerely,

Walter Balazic/Dirk Mathers

Littlefield Authority

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